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Cold Sore Corner of Mouth Treatment

Treatment for cold sores depends on their cause. Your healthcare provider will be able to make a diagnosis of the condition by looking at the sores, swabbing them for lab analysis, and possibly providing a cold sore cream or ointment to apply. Oral antiviral medicines may help decrease the severity and length of time that… Read More »

How to Treat Angular Cheilitis

A split corner of the mouth is one of the most common symptoms of angular cheilitis. It can lead to sores and blisters that bleed when you open your mouth. If left untreated, it can even lead to ulcers and crust. If you want to know how to treat cracked lips corner, read this article!… Read More »

Treating a Sore in the Corner of Your Mouth

A sore in the corner of your mouth is a painful and embarrassing problem, and there are several different kinds. These include angular cheilitis, a fungal infection, a Canker sore, and a Cold sore. The good news is that there are a few treatments that can help you get back to normal as quickly as… Read More »